50 Triops Hatching Eggs GD13

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  • Tadpole Bladder feeds on algae, dead fishes, dead plants as well as uneaten fish food. They also feed on carrots. You can try to reduce the number of Ramshorn snail present in the pond by putting some carrots into the tank. The snails will attack the carrots and you can manually remove both carrots and snails.
  • What Do Tadpole Bladder Snails Eat? These snails spend a lot of time on the side of ponds searching for something to eat. Ramshorn Snail food sources include dead or decaying plant matter, soft algae, uneaten food and fallen pond mates.
  • Lifespan: Healthy, well feed Tadpole Bladder have a lifespan of about one year.
  • Tadpole Bladder snails generally will eat algae, uneaten fish food, and dead fish. Helping to maintain a healthy pond balance.
  • They have a strong appetite and will get rid of all algae in no time.

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Customer Reviews

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Maia Bruen


Weldon Bruen

Came with instructions that got me somewhat confused. Seller took time to explain and give step by step instructions. Successfully hatched the triops with SPRING water. Suitable for places where ambient temperature is 26-31 degrees Celsius. No heater or cooler needed.

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